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The Reindeer Forest

Through a white, snow-covered forest, we will journey to a genuine reindeer roundup site on the north side of Muovaara hill. This is a place where the reindeer always return, in search of nourishment and shelter. Ever since the 17th century, the ancients Lapps have held their autumn roundups here.

We will meet local reindeer herders at work tending to their herds. During the day they will tell us about the life and history of the reindeer as well as their work and the demands of the modern society. We will get a good idea of what the life of reindeer and their herders is like in this genuine environment.

There are plenty of reindeer in the area, some roaming free and some already waiting in the enclosure. The most daring of us can tempt the beautiful animals to eat some of the lichen the herders have brought for them. During the event we will have something hot to drink by the campfire.

After this unforgettable experience, we will return to Ollila to Restaurant Juomuskota, where we will have a delicious lunch / dinner in the warm glow of the crackling fire.

distance from Ollila by snowmobile + sled c. 5 km.
distance from Ollila by car c. 5 km + by foot c. 500 m.
programme duration outdoors 2 – 3 h.
minimum group size 4 people


Ollilan lomamajat

Marjo Ollila p. +358 40 565 6598
Tuomo Ollila p. +358 400 286 528

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